For Clean Air...

A clean environment is the right to life for all people... The important thing is not to clean the environment but to pollute.

Our policy;

  • 1Improve the quality of life.
  • 2Providing air of the desired quality.
  • 3To destroy harmful viruses and bacteria.


Importance of Filtration:

In order to increase the quality of life and to obtain the desired quality of air in the required areas by making the necessary distinctions of particles, dust, soil and unwanted objects in the supply air to reduce harmful viruses and bacteria in the supply air, filters should be used in this purpose. It is very important to change the filter type to be used in the ventilation devices and the filters at certain periods.

For a good filter selection the answers should be search for the following questions.

  • Usage Area: The location of the filter and the purpose of the filter should be determined. It can be used in general ventilation system filters to select, it can also be a place where clean air is important, such as hospitals.
  • Particle Properties to be Filtered: The most important factor for long-lasting and efficient filtration is to determine the particle size and property to be filtered well.
  • Required Filtration Efficiency: Filtration efficiency is one of the most important issues to be determined. In order to prevent high pressure loss and energy consumption, it is necessary to select the optimum efficiency that is best suited to the environment.
  • Environmental Conditions: Each filter under the same product line may be designed and developed for different environments. The filter should be preferred considering the factors such as heat, humidity and corrosion.
  • Recycling of the filter: If the filter is to be used for the purpose of filtration of toxic gas or harmful pollutants, it is important to consider recycling after use. In such cases, filter preference should be easy-to-recycle products
  • Acceptable Pressure Loss Level: Especially in certain applications, the most important point, affecting the performance of the ventilation system is the pressure drop value of the filter. The pressure drop values of the filter should be most favored for the ventilation system.
  • Dust Holding Capacity of Filter: Filter preference should be made according to the dust level in the environment and the capacity of holding this powder. With its dust capacity, the filter is expected to have a long life and a good filtering.
  • Filter Sizes: The dimensions of the filter which supply all the required properties should be in optimum dimensions. Standard size filters offer advantages in both price and delivery time.
  • Easy installation of the filter: Before the filter is selected, the mounting shape and ease should be considered to ensure that the filter can operate at maximum performance.


Company History

KMC Automation
KMC Automation; has started its activities in 2009 to provide production solutions for companies engaged in electronic production. 20 different global brands within the company has undertaken the Turkey distributor has made every day and more high-quality product portfolio.
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KMC Electronics
KMC Elektronic has been active in electronic component sales and marketing since 2011 (active, passive, electromechanical). Through the companies it represents, it is able to offer package and/or project based offers to its customers. The advantages of high quality products, technical support and fast logistic services have enabled our company to be ahead of its competitors.
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KMC Filter
KMC Filter; The company is one of the leading and well-known suppliers in the sector by offering products and services in industrial, ventilation, air conditioning, dust / odor / gas retention systems and filters. The advantages of high quality products, technical support and fast logistic services have enabled our company to be ahead of its competitors. KMC Filter provides quality products and services to its customers with the most reasonable prices and also meets the service needs.


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